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Website Maintenance Policy

  • "Maintenance" is defined as keeping the website content up-to-date. If new features or any type of enhancement needs to be incorporated than it will be estimated as development work.
  • We reserve the right to distinguish between "updates" and "enhancement". New design work will be charged at the mutually agreed design rate.
  • Maintenance request are usually completed within one business day. If it requires more time it will be informed in advance.
  • All Maintenance tasks will be estimated and started only after technically & commercially clear order approval.
  • All Maintenance tasks will be estimated in 30 minutes increment.
  • Validity is as per plan name i.e. for "Pay per day" refers 1 Day, for "Pay per Month" refers 1 Month, for "Pay per Year" refers 1 Year.
  • If minimum hours are exhausted, additional hours can be purchased at the same rate of your plan for the work under execution.
  • Balance Hours can't be carried forward.
  • Though we have well experienced QC team to deliver zero defect Maintenance request, it is the client's responsibility to review the changes and approve us of any necessary changes in the staging server before the changes are made live.
  • We do not claim any charges for the changes carried out due to our fault. If a change needs to be incorporated due to client's error, the regular hourly update cost will be applicable.
  • Maintenance request of contents should be provided electronically as much as possible.
  • Our responsibility is limited to the maintenance and not for the any other consequence that may occur during the operation.

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The website maintenance staff understood our business and focused their technical skills to help us grow. We now have a web presence instead of just a website!
Our website has been maintained for the past 6 years. We haven't had any technical or content updating issues. Evince Team has helped us to run our business smoothly!